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car care At FIDATO , we offer an extensive range of car wash and cleaning services. Our car grooming packages include a complete range of services right from basic car washing to detailed interior and upholstery cleaning, protective coating, vacuuming and dashboard polishing.

Our workshops make use of high quality cleaning products and best equipments including the latest in technology. The workshops are conveniently located in all major cities across India, and offer the following services:

  • Interior and Upholstery Cleaning
    - Cleaning, disinfection from germs and fresh interiors
  • Wax Polish
    - Most economical polish treatment and shine the car instantly
  • Paint Restoration Polish
    - High gloss and finishing, aesthetic value of car is improved
  • Underbody Antirust Treatment
    - Seals and protects the under chassis of car from impact , long term protection against rusting to the underbody of the vehicle
  • Service Plus
    - Combination of products to enhance vehicle maintenance
  • Petrol/Diesel Additive
    - To improve the fuel efficiency of the car
  • AC Disinfection Treatment
    - Covers Ac interior vents, cooling coil and blower disinfection
  • Engine Flush Treatment
    - Engine is treated to flush carbon deposits from the system
  • Radiator Flush Treatment
    - Radiator is treated to flush the sludge, impurities from the system

Why should you keep your car’s interior clean in addition its exterior?

For most car owners, the priority is always to keep the outside of the car clear. This makes sense as that’s what the others see. However, there are good reasons to dedicate time to keeping the interior of your car clean, preferably through a car cleaning service well versed in all aspects of vehicular maintenance, like FIDATO. With professional car detailing at FIDATO, you will be able to restore your car so that it fees brand new when you’re in. FIDATO experts will be able to get your car far cleaner than you would be able to do yourself.

Our experts can’t stress enough how important it is for car interiors to be kept clean and hygienic for the overall well being of your car. We have highlighted some of the major benefits of keeping your car’s interior clean in addition to the exterior, as follows:

Greatly Reduce Wear and Tear:

car care When you overlook the cleanliness of the interior of your car, your car’s interior surfaces could start to develop faster wear and tear. Dirt and dust are abundant in India, and with the occasional spilled substances, your car’s upholstery is always prone to being worn down. Hence to keep your car’s interior in good shape, you would want to get it cleaned by FIDATO at regular intervals.

Avoid Health Issues

car care Closed environments can be a haven for bacteria, and needless to say the interior of your car is a closed environment. If your car is filled with dust and dirt, these particles could create hazardous air quality inside the vehicle. Having your car cleaned by FIDATO’s car wash and cleaning services will help you avoid allergies and other problems associated with unhealthy air quality. In addition, having a clean interior in a place you spend so much time in, can also promote mental health.

Increase Driving Safety:

car care It’s not uncommon in India to see car windows and side mirrors covered in dirt. These greatly affect the driver’s ability to scan their surroundings while they drive. We tend to usually clean our windows from the outside. However, our experts at FIDATO recommend cleaning the interior sides of your windows and windshields at regular intervals as well. After a car detailing service by FIDATO, you are going to be having a crystal clear windshield and windows.

8 habits to develop for keeping your car clean at all times

  • Keep trash bags in your car
  • Don’t smoke inside the car
  • Dust your floor mats from time to time
  • Avoid eating inside the car
  • Clean up messes as soon as they happen
  • Avoid air fresheners
  • Keep tissue or wet wipes in your car
  • Be organized; get rid of anything in your car that you don’t require.

Cleaning the AC - Brief Do-it-Yourself tips for your Car’s AC

(For professional AC Cleaning servicing, see Car AC Service)

A big part of a car wash and cleaning is the cleanliness of the Air Conditioning system. If you notice a foul smell coming out of the vents in your car, your best bet is to make use of FIDATO’s car ac service. However, if you are in another country, or stuck somewhere far away from any one our 315+ FIDATO car service shops, you can take the following 3 steps to clean your AC yourself:

Take it Apart:

car care Dismantle your air conditioner to get greater access to the vehicle’s inner workings. This will allow you to get rid of whatever dirt or debris that have accumulated inside your car’s air conditioning system. However, it isn’t easy for a lay person to remove and handle a car’s hoses, evaporators and condensers. Thus, it is recommended you bring in your car to the nearest FIDATO workshop for a car AC service.

Search the ducts:

car care An air duct is functionally responsible for controlling transfer of air flow into and out of the occupant compartment of automobiles. Additionally, the air duct is also designed to reduce noise or vibration to a minimum. There are two types of air ducts: conventional air duct and twinsheet thermoformed air duct.

Remove and Replace the Accumulator:

car care The accumulator is a coffee can shaped device in the engine designed to sift out debris as on as they enter your vehicle. However, a buildup of debris can cause this filtration system to slow down. You can then replace it with a new accumulator or have it serviced by FIDATO experts.

Car detailing is the enhancement of a car’s performance through cleaning and reconditioning of both the interior and exterior of the car. It focuses on the appearance and hygiene of the car. A big part of the hygiene of your car also relies on the quality of its air conditioning system. Avail FIDATO’s car ac service near you for complete car ac repair and service.

However, if your car needs cleaning, be sure to check out the best car grooming packages we offer. Our trained car wash and cleaning experts will ensure that your car continues to look sparkling and new!

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