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car care Wheels get damaged from a variety of causes including bad roads and potholes, leading to misalignment. Hence the wheels of your car need regular attention for you to ensure proper wheel alignment and balancing. FIDATO experts help you maximize the life of your car wheels by providing a wide range of wheel care services, to ensure the safety of your car and you.
We specialize in car wheel alignment wherein our experts use the latest technology and best equipment to check for faulty alignment and then fix it. Proper car wheel alignment ensures the durability of the wheels, a smooth and safe drive for your car, and major savings on fuel.

Importance of Wheel Alignment

It is of utmost importance that car owners get wheel alignment checks to prolong the life of their car’s tyres as much as possible. Misaligned tyres are much more likely to premature wear and tear. This in turn forces you to change your tyres in frequent intervals, adding unnecessary costs. You know that your car require wheel alignment if the car does not move in a straight line when you aren’t holding the steering wheel. If you notice this to be the case in your car, contact your nearest FIDATO outlet immediately for wheel alignment done with the highest precision. Inappropriate alignment of the wheels can also lead to other problems in your car such as unusual vibrations while driving and problems with suspension.
It’s thus quite evident that a lack of wheel alignment can lead to potential safety hazards. Misalignment of a car’s wheels will result in more difficulty turning corners. In Indian roads, this could prove deadly. In addition, drivers would face noticeable increase in difficulty maneuvering the steering wheel. You would have to make more of an effort to steer the car in one direction or another. This would imply the need for strong concentration at all times, making long journeys quite dangerous. So get your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked from an FIDATO outlet as soon as possible.

Sign that your car requires wheel alignment

Your car isn’t moving in a straight line when you aren’t holding steering wheel


Bring your car to an FIDATO outlet near you immediately for wheel alignment and balancing.
In addition to wheel alignment services, FIDATO also offers car wheel balancing, car wheel repairs and replacements, puncture repair and repair of damaged valves for tubeless tyres, tyre rotation, air pressure checks, inflation adjustment and any other problems related to the wheels of your vehicle. Everyone knows that wheels are expensive. Therefore, it is best to make sure they continue to function well.

Importance of wheel Balancing

FIDATO technicians recommend tyre balancing as soon as you get new tyres for your car. This would ensure that all of the tyres have equal wheel weights. You’ll know if your car requires wheel balancing if your steering wheel is rocking back and forth as you drive. If you notice this in your car, you must immediately look for an FIDATO outlet near you as driving with wheels that require balancing can be very dangerous.
You can also tell if your car requires wheel balancing if certain tyres are wearing out at different rates than the others. The vibrations caused by imbalanced wheels can also put pressure on the lower ball joints, axles and other crucial parts of your car. The increased pressure can also cause the wear and tear rate of these parts to increase, adding to maintenance problems of your car.

Sign that your car requires wheel alignment:

The steering wheel rocks back and forth when you drive.


Bring your car to an FIDATO outlet near you immediately for wheel alignment and balancing.
For any other car related services, from the best car ac service to the best in class body repairs, FIDATO can guarantee reliable assistance for a nominal fee. But if your car requires a wheel care service of any type, look no further and book your FIDATO wheel alignment and balancing service today.

FIDATO Advantage for your Wheels

A car is only as useful as its wheels. Thus, it is crucial to make you aware of the advantage you hold when you rely on FIDATO for your wheel service or servicing of any other aspect of your vehicle.
FIDATO First Choice Services, India’s leading chain of multi-brand car workshops, is one stop destination for all your car maintenance needs. Our advantages are:


For a customer, it is very important that he should not be thinking about his car continuously after giving it for repairs at any workshop, he should not worry at any given time, and he should be assured that his car is in right hands. At FIDATO, we ensure that every need of the customer is taken care of and he is explained each and every job done on his car.


At FIDATO, we give value offerings to our customers, we not only make our customer happy but also their car fit and healthy.

State-of-the-art Equipment

All our car workshops are equipped with State-of- the-art Equipment and infrastructure to diagnose the problems in your car. The right diagnosis is half the job done, right?

Skilled Manpower

At FIDATO, the skilled manpower is capable to solve all your car maintenance problems, our manpower is trained at Technical Training Centers in Bengaluru and Noida.

24 X 7 Convenient Online Booking

You can book any service 24 x 7 online, login to our website www.FIDATO

Quality Spares

Be it any brand of the car you own, we use quality spares from reputed brands, At FIDATO, you get warranty on spares too.

Pick-up & Drop Facility

Your convenience is our motto, wherever you are, we will pick your car and deliver at your doorstep, spend that extra time with your loved ones.

Fidato Facility