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At FIDATO Services, we understand the importance of car servicing and the costs involved in maintaining your vehicle. Our uniquely designed car servicing package offer you absolute convenience and help you save on your annual car maintenance expenses.

Annual package include services like car washing & cleaning, repair works, annual road side assistance and more. Our annual packages help you save on your car maintenance costs by providing best quality services and optimum convenience.

SaveFirst from FIDATOS offers you maintenance option that will take your driving experience to the next level. It’s basically service maintenance contract which is valid for a year.

Our workshops make use of high quality cleaning products and best equipments including the latest in technology. The workshops are conveniently located in all major cities across India, and offer the following services:

Key Benefits:

  • 1 Year of hassle free car care
  • Valued custome
  • Guaranteed savings on your car servicing
  • Discounts on all included services and an additional discount of 10% on Non-Package Services

Flexible Services Two Times a Year

FIDATO perceives the hassles of car owners, and have derived a unique plan called the Service Maintenance Contract. Once you are part of this contract with FIDATOS, you may avail two budgeted services per year. This provides car owners with the confidence that they can always bring their car to an FIDATOS Service centre for a servicing, regardless the time of the year, even if they have availed a previous service in the same year.

Importance of Car Servicing

In order to understand the true importance of regularly taking your vehicle for a servicing, one must understand the various parts of the car that are checked during a complete servicing with FIDATOS. These servicing aspects of a vehicle are listed and described below:

Oil checks and changes if required

It is recommended that a car’s oil be checked once a month in order to make sure that the vehicle has enough oil. The check also serves the purpose of ensuring that the present oil isn’t contaminated. The purpose of oil is to minimize the friction in your hard working engine, thereby extending its running life. You can check the level of oil yourself using the oil dipstick, however it is recommended that you have trained experts from FIDATOS have a look at it to ensure your car gets the treatment it requires.

Checking of Air Filters

You can find the air filter of your car by opening the lid of your car’s air cleaner. The process may involve unscrewing or undoing any devices that may be connected to it. You can do this by following the instructions in the car owner’s manual. However, since the filter checks can be a tedious task, its best you leave your car’s filter checks to the professionals in FIDATOS during their full car service.

Car Coolant Check

The engine of a vehicle heats up by continuous functioning and thus requires something to keep its temperature in check. This task is carried out by the radiator of your car. The radiator contains a cooling agent. You can add water to your coolant, however this is recommended only in the case of emergencies. Most modern vehicles have aluminum parts, which require coolants with special anti-corrosive properties. When you bring your car in for an FIDATOS Servicing, our technicians ensure that your vehicle is filled with the best coolant with protective anticorrosive properties.

Oil Filter Check

It can be a tedious and often difficult task to reach the drain plug or oil filter of a vehicle. You can save the effort, time and money by changing your oil and oil filter during FIDATO’s car servicing. It takes a good knowledge of car parts to be able to take good care of your car’s oil filters. In addition, you would also require the right kind of equipment. The oil filter change process involves multiple procedures including draining oil out, replacement of equipment, adding new oil, and ensuring that there are no leaks. If you are uncertain if your car’s oil needs to be changed, check with an FIDATO's expert when you bring your car in for servicing next.

Spark Plug Cleaning

Your car requires electricity for much of its functionalities. The spark plug is the device in your vehicle that conducts the electric current in the ignition system. In other words, it’s one of the most crucial parts of a car, without which, your car wouldn’t start. An FIDATO Servicing ensues that your spark plus is clean and functioning at its best.

While other brands on average charge around 6 thousand rupees for single servicing, the FIDATO Service Maintenance Contract for as low as Rs. 4,000 and as mentioned earlier, this covers you for two services in one entire year. Look no further for your car servicing needs from this point onward. With FIDATO, you have nothing to worry about, monetarily or quality. Leave your details below and get started with our unique servicing contract straight away and the give your vehicle the security it requires.

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