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Warranty Beyond Warranty

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The unfortunate truth about any vehicle is that they will fall apart, usually at the most inconvenient time possible.

FIDATO fact: A car can depreciate by up to30% of its cost as soon as you drive it away from the parking lot!

An extended car warranty may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but keep in mind that the question is not "Will something go wrong?" but rather "When will something go wrong?" A warranty beyond your traditional warranty will cover costs that may be double or triple the amount that you initially paid.

FIDATO Warranty Beyond Warranty

“Warranty Beyond Warranty” offers a much needed peace of mind cover to its valuable customers. The cover protects you against the cost of repair or replacement of components as mentioned in the brochure and also the associated labor cost on your vehicle subject to the terms and conditions contained altogether. The FIDATO warranty beyond warranty is comprehensive, which includes the ‘drive line’ segments; the engine and transmission.

General Features of Warranty Beyond Warranty

  • Valid for a 12 month period (annual product)
  • Applicant vehicle must meet certain conditions (see below)
  • An FIDATO technician must validate your claim with a personal inspection

Detailed Guidance on Warranty Beyond Warranty by FIDATO

The FIDATO Warranty Beyond Warranty (WBW) is a detailed cover designed to assist car owners with the rising cost of car repairs and car part replacements. Your FIDATO dealer/outlet will only accept the responsibility for repair or replacements as per the terms of the WBW contract. We have provided an overview of the terms and conditions of the FIDATO WBW contract below, while it is recommended that you conduct a detailed check of the document..

Warranty Obligation

After entering into a WBW contract, your FIDATO dealer is obliged to repair or replace any part of your vehicle that has been found to have defects since the commencement of the contract. However, the replacement or repair will only be carried out at the FIDATO dealer’s discretion. The replacement of the defected part will be done so with a new part of equivalent cost, at no cost to the owner for the part or labor. However, the dealer must acknowledge that the defect is attributable to mechanical or electrical breakdown as definite in the warranty.

Validity Period of Warranty

The WBW contract will commence from the day you sign the contract itself. The validity period of the warranty shall be either 12 months, or 20,000 kilometers, whichever happens first.

Warranty Transfer on transfer of ownership

If you choose to sell your car, you may transfer the warranty as well. This would increase the value of your car. In order to request for a transfer of your warranty beyond warranty contract, simply contact your FIDATO dealer and provide them with the details of the person to whom you will be transferring ownership to. There is a nominal transfer fee of Rs. 200.

What you need to do before claiming Warranty?

In the event of the occurrence of a car breakdown, the owner must:

  • Carry out all necessary steps to minimize the extent of damage.
  • Drive the car or have it towed without any delay to the nearest FIDATO outlet, before any other mechanic or local car servicing centre.
  • Give permission to the dealer to establish the cause of the car breakdown.
  • Be willing to take the costs of car repairs and replacements in the vehicle if the cause of the damage is not covered by the warranty.
    The owner is also responsible for payment for any other work the dealer is asked to carry out.
  • Make the car’s service history record and service bills available to the FIDATO dealer if required by them.
  • Failure to comply with the above formalities may lead to a refusal to pay the claim.

Warranty Claim Requirements

  • In order for the WBW contract to be valid, the vehicle must be serviced by an FIDATO dealer or outlet with the recommendations as listed below:
  • 1st Paid service must be conducted within 5 months from the commencement of the contract, or 8000 kms since the start date of the contract, whichever comes first.
  • 2nd Paid Service must be conducted within 10 months from the commencement of the contract, or 16,000 kms since the start date of the contract, whichever come first.

Note: Paid Service consists of the following: Engine oil check and change, filter check and change, Gearbox check, coolant level check and top ups wherever necessary.

  • he above requirements may be relaxed by an additional 30 days, or 500 kms, but not more. Anything extra shall invalidate the warranty. This relaxation allowance is to allow the vehicle owner to ensure services are conducted at the correct intervals for their vehicle.
  • The car owner must preserve all servicing bills supplied by the FIDATO dealer.
  • The car’s servicing record shall be compiled by the FIDATO dealer whenever a service is completed, and the record shall be retained by the owner as approved, in the event of a claim. The owner shall take up the cost on himself of all repairs or replacements necessary to avoid a claim, if a claim is likely to occur in the absence of the above.

Warranty Disclaimer:

“Warranty Beyond Warranty” offers a warranty on your Car and it starts from the day you opt for the same, please read terms and conditions thoroughly for details. It is the responsibility of the customer to produce all necessary documents/records to prove that the vehicle has been serviced at prescribed intervals and maintained through FIDATO Outlets only. Please ensure availing of all services on time to avoid invalidity.

  • Avoid slamming down on the car pedals. Try to accelerate in a smooth manner and minimize last second braking. This will without a doubt extend the longevity of your car’s brakes, suspensions, tires, and transmission
  • Keep the car’s exterior clean by regular FIDATO car washes. Pollution, dirt, and road dust all lead to corrosion of a vehicle’s metal parts.
  • Keep your cars protected all the time with seat covers and floor mats, thereby keeping the interior of your car clean. This simple task drastically reduces wear and tear.
  • You can greatly increase the life of your car’s tires by keeping them inflated at the right air pressure at all times.
  • Ensure that your car’s oil and filters are checked according to your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Avail the FIDATO Advantage

A car is one of the biggest investments you can have, so it's important to pay attention to maintenance and upkeep. A FIDATO Warranty Beyond Warranty will outline a plan that ensures you get regular tune-ups, while covering the cost of major repairs.

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