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United India Cashless Car Accident Garages in Noida

Another pre-independence insurance company, United India Insurance was incorporated in 1938 and nationalized in 1972. When General Insurance Corporation of India was re-launched as a re-insurance company, its subsidiary, United India Insurance became autonomous in 2003. In 2018, this company was merged with National Insurance Company Limited and Oriental Insurance

The car insurance from this company is very popular because it needs less documentation and is very easy to apply for. Plus, it offers coverage outside India, quick claim settlement, and towing assistance. The company has a good network of garages including cashless garages. FIDATO is proud to be one of the United India Car cashless garages in Noida.


Types of insurance from United India Car insurance :

  • From this esteemed insurance provider, you can buy a trio of car insurance options:

  • Comprehensive insurance, third-party insurance, and standalone own damage insurance.

Third-party Car insurance
  • In accordance with the Indian Motor Tariff 2002, third-party insurance is obligatory for all vehicle owners. This coverage facilitates claims settlement with third parties involved in accidents. It encompasses both property and bodily damage. Optional personal accident coverage is also available, safeguarding the policyholder and co-passengers. However, it does not cover damages to the insured vehicle. Notably, it allows cashless payments at our extensive network, including numerous United India cashless garages for cars in Noida.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • The United India Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy surpasses third-party coverage by including protection for your own vehicle. Additionally, it offers an optional personal accident cover for injuries or fatalities resulting from accidents. While not legally required, this policy is strongly recommended as it shields you from substantial expenses following an accident. Alongside the core benefits, you can enhance your coverage with add-ons like zero depreciation cover, roadside assistance, engine protection, and access to a network of nearly 3100 garages, including numerous United India cashless car service centers in Noida and elsewhere in India.

Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance
  • A Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance policy focuses on covering damage to your vehicle in accidents. This policy provides peace of mind and financial stability in unfortunate incidents. It safeguards your car from theft, vandalism, fire damage, accidents, and natural disasters. While not mandatory, combining this own-damage policy with compulsory third-party coverage is a prudent choice. It covers accidental damages, including those due to explosions or fire. Theft and vandalism are also included, with exceptions for mechanical or electrical failures, illegal driving, and accidents outside the specified geographical region in the policy terms and conditions.

What is cashless insurance and how to claim it

Cashless insurance claims become a reality when your chosen garage is one of the 634 authorized United India cashless car accident garages in Noida. Here's a step-by-step guide to making a cashless insurance claim:

Step 1: Notify Your Insurance Provider

Initiating a claim begins with informing the United India Insurance customer care team about your vehicle's accident. Dial the toll-free number, and you'll receive a unique claim registration number after reporting the incident.

Step 2: Assessing Vehicle Damage

United India Insurance arranges an inspection by dispatching a surveyor to assess your vehicle's damage. During this inspection, provide the required documents requested by the surveyor.

Step 3: Submitting Reports and Documentation

Post-inspection, the surveyor compiles a report as per your policy's terms and conditions. The insurer will then review its liability and inform you of any applicable deductibles.

Step 4: Repairs and Claim Settlement

Upon receiving confirmation from United India Insurance, proceed to FIDATO, one of the United India cashless garages in Noida, for the necessary repairs. You'll only be responsible for your deductible amount, with the insurance provider covering the remaining expenses.

Why choose FIDATO as your United India car accident cashless garage in Noida

  • Transparent Services: FIDATO understands your concerns about repair and service costs. To address this, we ensure transparent repair work at our Noida workshop. Every charge and fee, whether for repairs, servicing, or processing cashless car insurance claims, is thoroughly explained.

  • Affordable Service:Our commitment is to provide top-notch car services without straining your budget.

  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: FIDATO understands your concerns about repair and service costs. To address this, we ensure transparent repair work at our Noida workshop. Every charge and fee, whether for repairs, servicing, or processing cashless car insurance claims, is thoroughly explained.

  • Skilled Workforce: Our mechanics are well-versed in the latest car technology, undergoing rigorous training at our Technical Training Centers in Noida and Bengaluru.

  • 24/7 Convenient Online Booking: FIDATO is available 24/7 through our online website, allowing you to schedule repairs and other services conveniently. Visit www.fidato.in for assistance.

  • Quality Spare Parts: We provide excellent spare parts with warranties for your peace of mind.

  • Pick-Up and Drop Facility: If you're short on time, our pick-up and drop-off service ensures convenience while we take care of your car. Spend more time with loved ones and enjoy your activities.

FAQ Section


What is a cashless garage facility, and how does it benefit me as a United India Car Insurance policyholder?


A cashless garage facility allows you to get your car repaired without upfront payment. As a United India Car Insurance policyholder, this convenience means you don't need to bear initial repair costs; the insurer directly settles the bill with the garage.


Are there specific cashless garages in my area where I can get my car repaired under my United India Car Insurance policy?


Yes, United India Car Insurance has a network of cashless garages, including FIDATO in Noida. These garages offer convenient services for policyholders in your area.


How do I initiate a cashless insurance claim at a United India Car Insurance-authorized garage?


Contact United India Car Insurance's helpline or website to start a cashless claim. Provide incident details, and they'll guide you through the repair process. FIDATO, as a United India cashless garage, Noida, can assist you with this process.


What documents must I submit when making a cashless claim at a United India Car Insurance-affiliated garage?


Typically, you'll need to provide policy details, a copy of the FIR (in case of an accident), and your vehicle's registration and driver's license. Garage staff will assist in completing the necessary paperwork.


Is there any additional cost involved when I opt for cashless car repairs through United India Car Insurance?


Generally, there won't be additional costs for using the cashless garage network. Your insurance policy covers eligible repair expenses, with any applicable deductibles payable by you.


Can I choose a garage of my preference for repairs, or am I restricted to using the network of cashless garages provided by United India Car Insurance?


While you have the option to choose a garage, using United India's cashless garages ensures a smoother, cashless claims process. Opting for a non-network garage may require you to initially cover repair costs.


What is the typical turnaround time for getting my car repaired at a United India Car Insurance cashless garage?


Repair times can vary based on damage extent, but United India Car Insurance aims for efficient service, getting you back on the road promptly. However, going for repair work in any of the 634 authorised United India Cashless Service Centre in Noida or elsewhere will make the claim process faster compared to a claim through non-network garage.


Are there any special provisions or services offered for emergencies, such as roadside assistance, through United India Car Insurance's cashless garage network?


Yes, United India Car Insurance may offer additional services such as roadside assistance through their network of affiliated garages. FIDATO, as part of United India's cashless car service centre Noida, provides such services, ensuring help during breakdowns or emergencies on the road.